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    December 14, 2014 ()

    Bible Text: John 20:31, Philippians 1:6 |


    Apply The Word
    John 20:31, Philippians 1:6
    December 14, 2014
    Rick Wylie

    What does it mean to Apply the Word?

    Biblical Application is NOT:

    • just accumulating knowledge
    • just illustration
    • just making a passage "relevant."
    • behavior modification
    • optional

    Biblical Application is the believer's relational response, either in understanding or action, to God's self-revelation, promises, and demands, trusting in the enabling power of the Holy Spirit to complete the work He began at salvation.

    Philippians 1:6 (ESV)

    How do we get to Application?

    TELOS – purpose or end.

    “What is the Holy Spirit's purpose of the Scripture in front of me?”

    But these things are written, that ye might beleeue, that Iesus is that Christ that Sonne of God, and that in beleeuing ye might haue life through his Name. (John 20:31 Geneva)

    Inductive Bible Study –To draw out, or extract the information about what a text is actually saying in an objective and in a systematic way.

    Three Steps of Inductive Bible Study:

    Observation, Interpretation, Application

    Step One: Observation - What does the passage say?

    Step Two: Interpretation – What does it mean?

    There is ONE proper interpretation of a passage of Scripture, but there are many possible applications.

    The Five C's
    • Context, Context, Context.
    • Cross-references
    • Culture
    • Conclusion
    • Consultation

    Step Three: Application: What do I do about it?



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