Babies and Toddlers

Baby and Toddler nurseries are right inside our gym, to the left. Make sure to register your child before you leave them with our team. All snacks are peanut free.

Pre-Schoolers and Older Children

Pre-schoolers and Older children join their parents for worship in the sanctuary after Sunday School. When worship is finished, they will be dismissed to their age-appropriate classes. Registering them prior to the beginning of worship helps with a smooth transition.

Children are engaged in worship and activities that will make them excited to learn about God and His Word. Our goal is to help them to have a firm foundation, rooted in scripture and theology, so that they may have unshakable faith in this ever-changing world!

Sunday School

Sunday School begins for all age groups at 9:15am each Sunday. At 10:00 ages 3-5th grade join together in One Way, our main worship room, for a time of corporate worship and instruction.

Children's Baptism Testimony

Please click here if your child has an upcoming baptism. Have the child explain the answers in their own words. Submit the form at least a week prior to baptism date.

Crossroads Kids

Crossroads Kids

Our Crossroads Kids Ministry seeks to help children write the words of Jesus on the tablets of their hearts. We are humbly seeking by the power of God's spirit to teach them to know, love, obey, and serve God.

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