Finding Your Ministry

Guidelines for Finding Your Ministry

  • Remember not to over-extend yourself. Please consider no more than 3 areas of service.
  • We instinctively care about some things and not about others; these are clues to where we should be serving.
  • People rarely excel at tasks they don’t enjoy doing or feel passionate about.
  • When you are doing what you love to do, no one has to motivate you, challenge you, or check up on you. The opposite is also true; when you don’t have a heart for what you are doing, you get easily discouraged.
  • Whenever you are doing what God wired you to do, you get good at it.
  • Your greatest ministry will most likely come out of your greatest hurt.
  • The best way to discover your gifts and abilities is to experiment with different areas of service. Until you actually get involved in serving you’re not going to know what you are good at. If it doesn’t work out, call it an “experiment” and not a failure. You are one step closer to knowing what God has equipped you to do.

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts Perspective

  • ABILITIES – Discern right from wrong, declare truth.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Counseling, visitation, teaching.
  • WARNING – Don’t be obnoxious or opinionated.
  • REWARD – Helping others see the truth clearly.
  • ABILITIES – Serving behind the scenes.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Nursery, ushering, assistant.
  • WARNING – Don’t become weary in well doing.
  • REWARD – You make a difference doing something no one else may want to do.
  • ABILITIES – Giving sympathy/empathy to the hurting.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Visitation, counseling, benevolence.
  • WARNING – Don’t let others run over you.
  • REWARD – Helping those who no one else would help.
  • ABILITIES – Clarifying truth, insights to why facts are true.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Teaching, Life group, discipleship.
  • WARNING – Don’t neglect other responsibilities.
  • REWARD – Knowing people learn the truth.
  • ABILITIES – Special insights to make wise decisions.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Prayer, counseling, finances.
  • WARNING – Don’t become proud of your wisdom.
  • REWARD – Helping people make wise decisions.
  • ABILITIES – Unique ability to trust God at His word for the impossible.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Prayer, counseling, finances.
  • WARNING – Believe, as everything depends on God; but work as though everything depends on you.
  • REWARD – Influencing others to increase their faith.
  • ABILITIES – Organizing or delegating tasks.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Group leader, Office, Personnel.
  • WARNING – Avoid thinking that everyone will get involved.
  • REWARD – Seeing people work together to accomplish difficult tasks.
  • ABILITIES – Start new churches, pioneer new works.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Missions, evangelism, discipleship.
  • WARNING – Be accountable to others.
  • REWARD – Establishing new ministries that grow.
  • ABILITIES – Special insight concerning good and evil.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Counseling, prayer, personnel.
  • WARNING – Guard against quick judgments.
  • REWARD – Protecting others from poor decisions.
  • ABILITIES – Comfortably share the gospel with results.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Visitation, outreach, missions.
  • WARNING – Don’t think everyone should be as dedicated to evangelism as you are.
  • REWARD –Leading people to Christ glorifies God.
  • ABILITIES – Share practical steps of action.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Counseling, crisis center, evangelism.
  • WARNING – Choose your words wisely.
  • REWARD – Seeing people respond to your advice and helping them through problems.
  • ABILITIES – Using stewardship to further God’s kingdom.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Finance, Planning, Office.
  • WARNING – Don’t use money to control others.
  • REWARD – Contributing to the advancement of ministry.
  • ABILITIES – Welcoming people into their home.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Life groups, homeless, encouragement.
  • WARNING – Balance personal and family needs.
  • REWARD – Giving others rest and a time of fellowship.
  • ABILITIES – Special ability to remember many things, especially from the bible.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Counseling, teaching, life group leader.
  • WARNING – Don’t get prideful with your knowledge.
  • REWARD – Helping others learn things they never knew.
  • ABILITIES – Obvious influence to motivate others.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Men’s of women’s ministry, life groups, discipleship.
  • WARNING – Lead by example, not just motivation.
  • REWARD – Developing leaders to take over what you have done.
  • ABILITIES – Ministering to groups needing leadership.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Visitation, Group leader.
  • WARNING – Don’t get discouraged with those who don’t follow.
  • REWARD – Seeing the ministry improve.

Ministry Team

Ministry Team

This team pairs ministry needs with areas of giftedness.

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