Church Facility Schedule

Church leaders met Sunday afternoon and have decided that it would be wise and prudent to close the church building starting 3/16/2020 – 3/21/2020.  No group activity is allowed inside the Crossroads Church facility this week, however groups (ie: D-Groups, Small Groups) may choose to meet in other places if they so choose. That decision should be made by the members of each group.  Also, the church building will be thoroughly cleaned this coming Tuesday 3/17/2020.

Secondly, our church office staff will be at the office this week on a “need to” basis. Meaning, if there is no reason to be in the building then the staff should work from home. The church phones will be answered in any case as our phone system has a forwarding feature to individual staff and ministers.

Thirdly, a decision regarding services next Sunday morning will be determined. We will definitely have services, however, a decision whether we will have a physical service in the building or an online service will be made and communicated to the church by Thursday 3/19/2020.

Lastly, it is reiterated that our church phones are ready for calls. Also, our deacons are ready if and when needed by the church family. Please be reminded that the deacons on call for this week are:
Rodey Dachenhausen
Jamie Sprinkle

As the world faces this uncertain, unprecedented, and unchartered time regarding the impact of the Coronavirus -19, our Pastor Rich Lancaster assured us through Scripture our God is in control and we can face tomorrow because we know who holds tomorrow. Take this time and be the church in the places God has placed you. We are here if you need us. God bless us and take care of us all!

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